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Photos of Magic Basketball Camp

Third year of Magic Basketball Camp
Argyris Kambouris participates
in the camp
  A. Kambouris & N. Stavropoulos
“versus” Woody Woodpecker
  A. Kambouris competes
with friends of Magic Camp
A. Kambouris with an athlete
of the camp during a break
  A. Kambouris explains skills
to the friends of Magic Camp
  A. Kambouris advises
the young athletes
The head coach of Roma (Italy), Matteo Boniciolli (in gray t-shirt) participates in Magic Camp
Three veterans of the National Greek Team (Makaras – Kambouris – Stavropoulos) advise the youngsters
A special training event
Fun and relaxing time at Magic Basketball Camp
S. Kellis, Professor of Coaching, teaches the correct way of training
V. Manou performs measurements of reaction times by means of specially designed software
The young athletes of the first week experience some unforgettable moments
Girls of the camp during training, under the supervision of their coaches
This gentleman is the MVP of
camp of the first week!
  Our campers create friendships
and relations that last...
  ...learning together skills that they
will not learn elsewhere.
Coach Maslarinos gives instructions before the start of a game
Our athletes are trained in team-spirit and precision while performing their drills
Commemorative pictures of the camps, as well as of some of the coaches
The athletes of the camp enjoy the game
Ceremony of awards and deliverance of reports and trophies, ending with the “Magic cake” event