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Photos of Magic Basketball Camp

Second year of Magic Basketball Camp
Warm-up exercises under Prof. of Coaching Dr. S. Kellis’s supervision
Fun and relaxing time at Magic Basketball Camp
Presentation and talk
by Christos Tapoutos in the camp
  Ch. Tapoutos at a
spectacular dunk show
  Ch. Tapoutos together with
the Magic Camp staff
Ch.T. and N.S.
are watching a game
  Ch.T. participates in a game
with athletes of the camp
  Ch.T. signs for the campers
S. Kellis teaches the basics
in fundamental exercises
  Talk by S. Kellis
on free weights
  S. Kellis supervises the
passings through the photocells
V. Manou records measurements in physical condition on a PC
V. Manou performs biomechanical measurements
H.F. records measurements
of focusing ability
  S. Kellis and V. Manou
calculate abilities and skills
  H.F. in measurements
of reaction time
Th. Koumatsiotis supervises
and corrects an exercise
  Talk by N. Stavropoulos   Coach Athanasiadis supervises
and helps in an exercise
Coach Rossios teaches
the right way of running
to an athlete of the camp
  Coach Maslarinos supervises
the direction changes
  Coach Kasiktsoglou corrects
the errors in an exercise
Atheletes of the camp while enjoying the game
The athletes arrive in the mini buses at the facilities of Mikra, Thessaloniki
Playing games and having fun
Measurements on the Ergo jump
Passing through the photocells and measuring properties of physical condition
Playing – Fun – Playing
Selection of atheletes for a “Magic Block” exercise
Exercises   Commemorative picture
of a group of campers
Relaxation exercises   Performing an exercise
in the second indoors court
  Relaxation exercises
Our young athletes
while exercising
  The children have fun before
they return to their parents
  Athletes vs. Coaches
Congratulations and deliverance of reports and trophies
Congratulations and deliverance of reports and trophies
The athletes examine their individualized reports and information
of the evaluation certificates that they receive from Magic Basketball Camp