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Photos of Magic Basketball Camp

First year of Magic Basketball Camp
Questions of students-athletes
directed to V. Spanoulis
  Presenting V. Spanoulis
to the camp
  V. Spanoulis at a competition
game with the camp participants
N. Zisis talks to the
students-athletes of the camp
  N. Zisis with a camp student   N. Zisis answers
participants’ questions
Demonstration of skills
by coaches to the athletes
  Explanation of errors in basic
skills by N. Stavropoulos
  Administering evaluation
Talk and practical training under the directions of the professor of coaching Dr. Spiros Kellis
Talk by one of the leading international referees, Mr. Stelios Koukoulekidis
Students-athletes of the camp
performing exercises
  Group of students-athletes
in competition exercises
  Student-athlete of the camp
while performing an exercise
Athletes during a game   Athletes in demonstration of skills   Athletes during a game
Start of training   Students-athletes during a break   Students-athletes in action
Coach Rossios teaches basic
principles of the game
  Coach Beloulis teaches
basic skills
  Coach Maslarinos teaches
basic skills
Demonstration of skills
by student-athlete
  Camp Manager Th. Koumatsiotis
gives directions to students-athletes
  Training in a basic skill
Students-athletes passing
through photocells
  Measurements at the ergo jump   Transfer to the courts
of the camp