Magic Basketball Camp
“Game for Life with Magic”: Athens, Greece, September 25, 2007

The 1987 gold European champions of the national basketball team of Greece met the silver champions of the national youth team of Greece for a single time only, in a “game for life”: a basketball match for the children who suffer from AIDS, and in support of those afflicted by the great wildfires in Greece, in September 2007.

They were joined by the legendary figure of world basketball, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, who came to Greece for the first time in order to support this event, staged for humanitarian purposes.

Pictures from this event follow below.

Meeting of the two “Magics”: Nick “Magic” Stavropoulos discusses with Earvin “Magic” Johnson. They are watched by Panayiotis Fassoulas (right), while further to the right (in the background) is Argyris Kambouris.
Nick Stavropoulos with Panayotis Fassoulas (Mayor of Piraeus, also a participant) sign on basket balls for their young friends after the end of the game. Further to the right, so does Argyris Kambouris.
Acquaintance and handshake of the two “Magics” before the game.