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Pictures of N. G. Mikra facilities,

and maps for locating the region in Thessaloniki

On this page you’ll find pictures of the superb sports-facilities of N. G. Mikra in Thessaloniki, which hosts the athletes of our Magic Basketball Camp. Following is a map (© Google TM) of the region of Thessaloniki where the facilities of N. G. Mikra are located. (To zoom out, click here.)

Map of eastern Thessaloniki (Nea Krini and Pylaea suburbs) with the location of N. G. Mikra marked with the orange rectangle
View from above of the facilities of N. G. Mikra and their descriptions
Panoramic view of the location (south side)
Indoor basketball court (west side)
Outdoor basketball courts
House of gymnastics (background), and canteen (foreground)
Tennis courts, and one of the two indoor basketball courts in the distance (north side)